Attack Human Trafficking & Sexual Violence

Augmented Reality & Machine Learning

VIRTUAL REALITY MAKES EXPRESSION EASIER FOR VICTIMS – A Global and Unbiased, Non-judgmental, and Unclouded Evaluation and Testimony Human trafficking and other sexual crimes plague the world, and the US is the country which has been found to have the highest crime rate in human trafficking and slavery and rape is also high in the US. Every day, the National hot-line for human trafficking receives over 150 calls and rape crisis centers also receive many calls with most cases unsolved. Thousands of cases have been reported since 2009. Though there are strict measures to stop human trafficking or prevent it at a large scale, there is another important aspect of dealing with this crime that should be taken into consideration.

Introverts become more extrovert in VR

A little boy tells his story and learning about his future.

Law enforcement agencies with tools to make them even better.

Victims in safe haven with anonymity and freedom from judgement.

Victims experience freedom in sharing to anyone anywhere while remaining in a safe place.

Now and tomorrow.

Meeting our kids where they are at.

Important Use:

Provide client (victims-survivors) with anonymity, Trust Builder, Ease of Communication to tell facts for cases and to tell their stories. Work with Federal agents and agencies to connect global agencies, partners and victims to real time care with experts anywhere in the world without leaving your city, state or even country. Train in real time via survivor testimony to anyone in the world. Create a safe unbiased non judgmental and racially fair environment for interaction with evaluators, interviewers and law enforcement agents. Identify, locate, apprehend traffickers and purveyors of human flesh, Court deposition and questioning examination in a safe environment for victim. Jury, Judge can view in real time inside AR/VR as well as recorded for later.

Establish an international and national coalition of activists, law enforcement, counselors, therapists, advocates, mentors, educators, social workers and care – providers without having to travel across the country.

Raise awareness about the debilitating effects of sexual violence and human trafficking and providing greater opportunity to see those affected go from “victim to survivor, survivor to thriver, thriver to champion.

Victims around the globe need our help

We’ve Created an Innovative Response.


Social VR will Re-humanize Social Media

  • Three billion people on social media (40% of population)
  • Studies link depression and anxiety to social media use.
  • Dehumanization of Facebook and other platforms
  • Elimination of all social ques
  • VR reintroduces social ques lost by modern social media

Our Agents

Brook Parker Bello PH.D

Writer, Motivational Speaker Actor, Preacher, CEO, Justice Advocate, Author, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Curriculum Developer, Mentor and Founder of Multiple Organizations.

Dr. Brook Parker-Bello is a multiple award-winning social innovator who has distinguished herself with her works, addressing different social issues including human trafficking, sexual abuse and mental health. A highly sought-after international speaker, actress, author, CEO, mentor, entrepreneur, curriculum developer and founder of multiple organizations, Dr. Bello is intentional in her strive towards addressing critical societal challenges within the framework of Christian teachings. The myriad of awards and recognitions she has received are testament to her conscious efforts designing her life for service to others. In 2016, Dr. Bello became a recipient of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Awards from the 44th President of the United States and the White House for her outstanding achievements.

Carlos Wallace

Carlos Wallace is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and youth advocate. He has written two books that have earned the businessman turned social activist national acclaim. “Life Is Not Complicated, You Are: Turning Your Biggest Disappointments into Your Greatest Blessings” is currently an integral part of the Psychology curriculum at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas. The esteemed guest lecturer at Lone Star College-University Park is an honorary member of the Psi Beta National Honor Society in Psychology and ranks among Houston’s top education advocates. Carlos’“Life Is Not Complicated, You Are: Digital Narrative”is one of the first audiobooks ever added to the Tidal© high fidelity music streaming service library. The narrative is also featured on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. His second work, “The Other 99 T.Y.M.E.S: Train Your Mind to Enjoy Serenity” is the inspiration behind an award winning television program of the same name. Both books are hailed as guides to living with purpose and gratitude.

Chance Glasco

As one of the founding members of the Call of Duty franchise’s team, animator Chance Glasco has had a profound impact on the last decade of video games. After graduating from Full Sail’s Computer Animation program in 2001 and trying to find work in Los Angeles, Chance visited family in Oklahoma and hooked up with an old friend who was working at a local studio. Chance worked as an animator on Allied Assault, which was released in 2001 to critical acclaim.

Chance, is also a collaborative and strategic partner against Human Trafficking working with survivor, Dr. Brook Parker-Bello on VR Eval and their team member Carlos Wallace and media documentarian of the project Danny Tolbert.

Chance is an expert consultant in gaming and technology with the Atlantic Council and has a heart for the resilience qualities that make the world a better place.

Danny Tolbert

Danny Tolbert is a seasoned veteran of corporate branding commercials and independent filmmaking. Danny is a graduate alumnus from Full Sail University, he’s done projects with Seimens Energy, Google Next Gen members, Acosta Sales & Marketing, UCF-PBS, Doghead Simulations, and featured on Business Insider. He offers digital marketing and media to corporate and small businesses.

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